Beach Activities

“Laem Sadej Beach” The charm that never fades. Guests who stay here are respectively passionate seductive waves, magnates waving wind, get inspired by the sea and feel the warm embrace of this sea. Along with the early morning atmosphere light golden sun inhale the freshness of the sea and soulful romantic evening. Fill up your happiness by strolling along the beach a stretch of sight and sunset with someone you love.

With the beachfront of the Maldives Beach Resort is quite extensive. Can do a variety of activities on the beach that activities at the resort prepared. Maldives Beach Resort guests have chosen and you enjoy doing things together. Either in the form of doing things as a family, a group of activists from the seminars and with your friends. Whether it’s football, beach volleyball, tug of war, chair ball and walk rally.

More Activities

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Paramotor *

Squid Fishing *

Banana Boat *

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Attractions Nearby

1.Noen Nang Phaya viewpoint Hill  (10 km)

 Noen Nang Phaya is a viewpoint is considered the most beautiful in the East. On the Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit road has been selected as Dream destinations from the tourism authority of Thailand. Noen Nang Phaya is located between Kung Wiman Beach and Kung Krabaen Bay. Noen Nang Phaya surrounding attractions filled with sights each point not far. Noen Nang Phaya is located by the sea, which we will be able to view the cliffs, the sea and a beautiful curvy road that is filming advertisements, many subjects become image persistence tourist.

2.Bridge walkway natural mangrove forest Royal Project (500m)

Mangrove of Kung Krabaen Bay, The project area is Kung Krabaen Bay Development Study Center. This is an area of mangrove forest and is suitable to be used as a study of the knowledge about nature in the form of a natural Museum of life, As well as tourism, recreation in the form of eco storehouse to look around with the bridge length of 1,600 meters, that takes you venturing into the natural mangrove forests. Suitable for walking exercise, mangrove ecosystem the scenic this wooden bridge takes you to the spectacular view of the Kung Krabaen bay in the atmosphere romantic, too. No admission fee open daily from 08:00 to 18:00 hrs. The located opposite Leam Sadej Beach from Maldives Beach Resort, just 500 meters away.

3.The Sixth Cycle Birthday Anniversary Celebration Aquarium (700m)

Here at the Department of Fisheries, in the Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center and Office of the Royal Development Projects Boards. The aquarium is a source of education, recreation and relaxation. Enjoy the beauty of marine life and the speakers to lecture the knowledge to the Board of visitors, Aquarium daily open from 08.30 to 16.30 hrs. No admission fee.  A total of 36 cabinets and aquarium tunnel.  Of all the fish collected for the aquarium, 80% were collected from the Eastern Part of Thailand. Within the aquarium the fish are divided into 4 groups, commercial fish, ornamental fish, coral reef fish and exotic fish.

4.Fish farming in cages in the Royal Project (5 km)

Located in Kung Krabaen Bay Development Study Center. From Maldives Beach Resort is away 2.5 kilometers and is located next to the Bridge Nature Mangrove about 1.5 kilometers. A center for study, research and development as a model  ” Coastal fisheries resource management and sustainable agriculture”.  Here is another choice attraction will be the children enjoy watching and feeding aquatic species. The interesting events of the attraction is feeding shark with bare hands. No admission fee. Open daily from 08:00 to 16:30 hrs.

Attractions in Chanthaburi

Oasis Sea World

27 km

Khai Noen Wong

30 km

Tuk Daeng

25 km

Bang Sa Kao Handicraft Village

30 km

Phlio Waterfall

35 km

Trork Nong Waterfall

40 km

Krating Waterfall

35 km

Klong Paiboon Waterfall

40 km

Khao Khitchakut

60 km

Wat Khao Sukim

35 km

Taksin Maharat Memorial

30 km

Chanthaburi City Pillar Shrine

30 km

Maephra Patisonti Niraman Church

35 km

Chantaboon Waterfront Community

32 km

Wat Chak Yai

38 km